The Journey Preschool

17738 Flint Ave.

Farmington, Mn.


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Literacy in the classroom environment

We do many activities that help promote language, phonics and writing skills everyday.  Some examples of these activities are:

* Songs
* Rhymes
* Fingerplays
* Reading books
* Journal Writing
* Conversations with peers and adults
* Sight Words
* Group Games
* Flannel Board Stories
* Print Rich Environment

Math in the classroom environment

National standards in math state certain components that all preschool children should know before Kindergarten.  We strive to help keep up with the national standard by incorporating them into everyday life by:

* Counting
* One to One Corrspondence
* Quantities and Number Symbols
* Patterns and Relationships
* Measurement
* Charts and Graphs

Science in the classroom environment

We believe in a hands on approach to science in the classroom.  To make this happen we do the following activities:

* Physical Science
* Life Science
* Earth Science
* Sensory Table Activities

Social Skills in the classroom environment

There are many opprotunities throughout the day where the preschoolers are able to learn new skills and work on the social skills they have while doing:

* Group Games
* Calendar/Story Times
* Outside Play
* Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Time
* Dramatic Play Area

Large Muscle in the classroom environment

All preschoolers need a healthy body to keep up those healthy minds.  Here at The Journey Preschool we help promote healthy bodies by:

* Outside twice daily
* Running
* Jumping
* Throwing Balls
* Obstacle courses
* Jump Ropes
* Stilts
* Balls
* Climber
* Hula Hoops

The use of technology in the classroom

The preschoolers are introduced to basic technology skills everyday through:

* Computer
* Tape Stories
* Taking pictures with cameras
* Balance Scales
* Binoculars

Art in the classroom

The art environment is set up to encourage children to explore new art media and have those medias at their disposal any time of the day.  Some of these types of media and activities include:

* Painting
* Drawing
* Collage Making
* Modeling and Sculpting
* Weaving
* Print Making
* Stamping
* Stencils

Music in the classroom environment

We get the children involved with music and movement through a variety of ways such as:

* Use of instruments
* Songs
* Use of the Radio
* Dance Streamers
* Parachute
* Groupn Games

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