The Journey Preschool

17738 Flint Ave.

Farmington, Mn.


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The Journey Preschool is dedicated to providing a program and classroom environment that promotes positive learning experiences.  Each child is challenged everyday in their own educational development with a positive, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere.  This is a preschool only environment that allows attention to be focused on preschool activities and academics without the interruptions from younger children.  The classroom is set up exactly like a traditional preschool classroom you would find in any center so all equipment and materials are developmentally appropriate and always at your child's reach.  The curriculum consists of a wide range of enriching activities, games and interactions that brings learning to a whole new level.  Beginning reading, writing, math, science, computer, art, music, phonics and social skills are the foundation of a well rounded preschool program and are done here on a daily basis.
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